Welcome to Big DoG 2020

our children's event barks again

23 April 2020

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What is Big DoG?
Big DoG is our exciting spring family book festival, which takes its name from Nana, the big dog who looks after the Darling children in Peter Pan. Usually the festival happens in Dumfries, home to Scotland’s National Centre for Children’s Literature at Peter Pan Moat Brae House. This year, however, we brought a cut-down version free online. 

From Friday 24 April to Sunday 3 May, we released a new event each day. You can find all the sessions below to watch back with your family in a fun festival all of your own, or a little at a time.

Who is Big DoG?
Big DoG lives in Dogfries, home of the poet Robert Bones. He loves reading, especially JK Growling, Terrier Pratchett and Pat Barker. Big DoG is drawn by Claudia Boldt. Claudia dreams of being a planet-hunter but has had to make do with a career as an award-winning children’s author and illustrator.

Big DoG Events 2020 

Renita Boyle ~ Tuck-In Tales.
Watch here.

Ages 2-6
Alan Windram ~ Mac and Bob: The Party Problem 
Watch here.

Ages 7+
Vivian French ~ Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden
Watch here.

Ages 3-6
Will Hughes ~ What Not To Get an Ogre for His Birthday
Watch here.

A Multisensory Event
The Kippford Mermaid ~ The Arts End of Somewhere
Watch here.

Ages 7-9
Shoo Rayner ~ Walker, The Boy Who Can Talk To Dogs
Watch here.

Ages 3-6
Esther Kent ~ Molly's Circus
Watch here.

Ages 11+
Ross MacKenzie ~ Evernight
Watch here.

Ages 3+
Susi Briggs ~ Nip Nebs and the Last Berry
Watch here.

Ages 8-12
Kimberlie Hamilton ~ Generation Hope 
Watch here.

Ages 4+
Alasdair Hutton & William Gorman ~ Mustard & Pepper
Watch here.

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