Big DoG | Kimberlie Hamilton ~ Generation Hope

2 May 2020


Saturday 2 April @ 11am

Young activists around the globe are working to bring about positive change to our troubled planet. Join author and activist Kimberlie Hamilton for a fun take on local and global issues being tackled by forward-thinking change-makers. Get ready to start your own revolution. Ages 8-12.


What kind of activist are you? Kimberlie challenges you to be a Kindness Activist. You could put a poster in your window, like the rainbow posters everyone is putting up to thank key workers; you could leave inspirational messages around your home for your family; or make a random act of kindness bowl and write down one nice thing you can do for someone everyday.  Kimberlie invites you to take action this week and, whatever you do, take a photograph of it and email it to [email protected] or share on social media #bigdogbookfest #generationhope.  Help make the world a better place.

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Big DoG is kindly supported by Baillie Gifford.