Chae Strathie

Pinkie and Boo

The Burrow
Sat 24 Sep
12:00 UK

Festival favourite and multi award-winning author, Chae Strathie tells the hilarious story of a feisty little girl, her toy monkey and the mischievous adventures they go on together. Pinkie is used to being the baby of the family but, with the arrival of a new sibling, Pinkie’s mum and dad try to cheer her up with a new toy monkey, which she names Boo! In wild attempts to win back her parent’s attention, Pinkie and Boo get up to plenty of mischief and mayhem. [Ages 3-7]

About the Author

Chae Strathie is an award-winning children’s author and journalist who grew up in a tiny village surrounded by forest in Scotland. A regular at major book festivals, Chae has toured the length and breadth of the UK and visited schools as far afield as Romania, reading his stories, acting the goat and singing silly songs about worm ice cream and beard-growing. He lives in Dundee with three annoying cats and a very old goldfish called Lazarus.

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