Katie Goh

The End: Surviving the World Through Fictional Disasters

The Print Room
In person event
Sun 3 Oct
16:00 UK

The Greek root of “apocalypse” means to reveal or uncover, and we’ve recently seen how a global pandemic reveals economic and welfare inequalities. The End explores a wealth of apocalypse fiction — from War of the Worlds through The Handmaid’s Tale and beyond — and its role in how we manage, manifest, and imagine social, economic and political disaster and crises. What do these narratives reveal about how we imagine our place in history? Why do we fantasise about the end of the world? What does this say about our anxieties?

About the author: Katie Goh is a writer and editor of Chinese-Malaysian-Irish heritage, born and raised in Northern Ireland. She writes about culture and social issues for i-D, Vice, Huck and The Independent and is Intersections Editor for The Skinny. In 2019 she was shortlisted for PPA Scotland’s Young Journalist of the Year award. 

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