The Wigtown Feasts

A Feast for the Mind

A Feast for the Mind
Sat 28 Sep
Free, ticketed

Nothing goes together like good food and good conversation; that’s the idea behind the Wigtown Feasts. On the evening of Saturday 28 September, we are hosting a number of simultaneous suppers in houses across Wigtown, uniting Wigtown folk, festival visitors and authors over food. Collectively the aim is to create one giant celebration, a feast of feasts. Some of the events (see right) are very lightly themed. We’ll provide conversational prompts which you can choose to accept or ignore. Alternatively, you can choose “pot luck” and we will let you know where you are dining once you’ve booked. None of the meals is a talk or a show: the point is simply to meet, greet and eat. Perhaps you will make a friend for life? Or have a conversation you’ve always wanted to but never had the chance? Each supper will take place in central Wigtown and costs £24 including a £2 donation to the homelessness charity Social Bite. (And if you don’t want to go to one of the meals we have organised, just host your own and let us know on 01988 403222.) Themed suppers for which you can buy tickets are shown below. Please use the numbers in brackets when booking:

This is event is not licensed so if you wish you can bring your own wine etc.

A Feast for the Mind A philosophy supper [134]

If you are making a booking for free events only, then no booking fee will be applied. All other bookings will have fee of £1.50 applied (the fee is per transaction, not per ticket).