What's On

Big Bang Week

3 - 6 March 2021

A Dark Skies Festival from Scotland's National Book Town


10 - 14 March 2021


Big Bang

3-6 March 2021

Streaming live on the Wigtown Festival website.

Big DoG

22-27 March 2021

Children's Book Festival

10-14 March 2021

Young Readers and Writers FESTIVAL

Hooked is a festival of creative collaboration with writers, illustrators, visual artists and performers offering a series of workshops for young people. Aimed at 14-25s, Hooked is an opportunity to try a new creative practice, develop your existing talent, learn about other opportunities in the region and meet your peers. 

14-26s FREE / Over 26s -  Recommended £5 donation per session

Saturday 6 March
Wednesday 10 March
Thursday 11 March
Friday 12 March
Saturday 13 March
Sunday 14 March
Monday 22 March
Tuesday 23 March
Wednesday 24 March
Thursday 25 March
Friday 26 March
Saturday 27 March