Sensory Stories and Rhymes

Ailie Finlay and Kate Leiper

17 November 2020
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We have teamed up with storyteller Ailie Finlay and illustrator Kate Leiper to develop a series of sensory stories and rhymes for children and young people with additional needs. Once a month, between November 2020 and April 2021, a new story and accompanying rhymes will be released, alongside a printable download to enable teachers, carers and families to use the rhymes and stories in their own way in the classroom and at home. 

You'll find the stories and rhymes below or on our YouTube channel. They will be published on the following dates: 
Monday 23 November 2020, released - links below
Tuesday 15 December 2020, released - links below
Monday 25 January 2021
Monday 22 February 2021 
Monday 22 March 2021
Monday 26 April 2021 

This project is supported by Section 10 Grant Funding 2020-21.

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A Sensory Story For December

A Sensory Story for December: Wake Up Santa!

Santa has fallen asleep, the children won't get any presents! Join the little mouse, the cup, the dishcloth, the oats and the reindeer as they try to wake up Santa!

Watch our short introduction HERE.

Listen to the story, told by Ailie Finlay, HERE.

Download the story to tell yourself HERE.

Sensory Rhymes For December

Sensory Rhymes for December

Seasonal rhymes for a wintry December as we wait patiently for Santa Claus. Traditional rhymes, rewritten and told by Ailie Finlay.

Listen to the rhymes, told by Ailie, HERE.

Download the rhymes to tell yourself HERE.

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A Sensory Story for November

Once upon a time a fairy woman gave a magic porridge pot to a little girl. Find a pot and a wooden spoon in the kitchen and join in.

Watch our short introduction HERE.

Listen to the story, told by Ailie Finlay, HERE.

Download the story to tell yourself HERE.

Kate Leiper Porride Pot Square

Sensory Rhymes for November

It might be getting chilly outside but these traditional rhymes, rewritten and told by Ailie Finlay are perfect to warm you up.

Listen to the rhymes, told by Ailie, HERE.

Download the rhymes to tell yourself HERE.