Stuart Kelly's Literary Pub Quiz

1 October 2020

We are very sorry for the delay in bringing you Stuart Kelly's online literary pub quiz last night. We unfortunately experienced some last minute issues with the live streaming of the event, and understand that not everyone received the notification that we'd had to move the platform from YouTube to Facebook. Our apologies.

If you would still like the opportunity to take part in Stuart's quiz, you can find the questions at the following links. We will accept submissions until the end of the festival and will let you know your scores for Rounds 1-3. We will not be scoring Round 4, but please take part if you'd like to.

Rounds 1-3:

Round 4:

If you'd like to play along with Stuart in real time, you can watch the event video here.

Our apologies, once again, for the disruption to this event, but many thanks to those of you who stuck with us regardless and of course to Stuart for keeping the show going!

Well done to Lizard Horse for scoring top during the live event.