Sonnets for the 21st Century: Wigtown Primary School

4 July 2016

Thanks to Wigtown Primary School for sending us these sonnets inspired by Shakespeare. 


Outside and Animals


I like foxes they are really fluffy

They have fluffy and such really nice ears

Sometimes dogs get really ruffy

Lots and lots of farmers use their big shears

Some dogs are nice and are kept as a pet

They are pleased to see you when you get near

When it rains outside I sometimes get wet

In the winter lots of people drink beer

I can go uphill to go on a hike

I can go to the hut inside at night

I really like going out on my bike

On a nice day you can get midgey bites

I love to go outside in the summer

But when school starts again, it's a bummer.


by Tilly




I like the manufacturer John Deere

I prefer Ford - I'm not so keen on Case

They are really super easy to steer

The dairy cow has a really odd face

I don't like the windows in the chopper

I lie driving the quad bike - it goes fast!

If a cow is sick we have to help her

In a bike race I am never last

You put the cows outside in the summer

The calves go crazy when they go outside

If there is a leak you need a plumber

A huge bull would not be that good to ride

You need to write a number on the cows

In May and June the busy farmer ploughs.


by Deacon





One week I was playing my PS4

I was online - FIFA- against my friend

I find all the other games such a bore

I always play the games right to the end

Some of the FIFA games played are simple

Some of the tricky games are frustrating

When I got my PS4 it was May

The games on PS4 are amazing

When I lose games I become super mad

The best game of all is Call of Duty

If I lose those games I get very sad

But when I win I shout, "Oh you beauty!"

All of the consoles are a lot of fun

When I'm done, I like to lie in the sun.


by Gregor





My favourite football team is Chelsea

Their ground is in London at Stamford Bridge

On fan of Chelsea, is a girl, Chelsea

She has their badge on the front of her fridge

She is mad and very football crazy

And she goes to all of the football games

There is a football player called Daisy

And she knows all the football players' names

Kelsey's favourite football player is called Jim

He plays his football as a left wing back

She finds everything else so very dim

There's also a player called Bradley Dack

He plays his football as a goalkeeper

It's close to the position called sweeper.


by Zack




My Garden


I have a cool forest in my garden

I have a tree - I really like treetops

The tree needs a massive big harden

You can find lots of things like big cow plops

Be careful, because you might fly, land and slip

You could get pricked because there are nettles

Definitely do not bring a big chip

There are always pretty falling petals

The forest is a tree with a big roof

My dirty dog likes playing football there

It definitely does not have a booth

My lambs go there and drop their fluffy hair

I have good picnics there and I say, "Yums!"

In the garden, don't do your rubbish sums.


by Katie





There are lots of animals in my house

Alfie comes up to my room in the night

My cat Alfie loves chasing a small house

Compared to Fudge, Pixie has not much height.

Billy No Mates, is a nice little lamb

My rabbit Bella loves running through tubes

My dog does not like being really calm

My ponies always want some sugar cubes.

I have two lambs called Hiccup and Lamby

There are three sheep called Sean, Pop and Lolly

My ponies always start a big rammie

Jess likes the dog that is a black collie

Bella loves nibbling on lots of food

If you touch Bella she gets in a mood!


by Georgie





The farmer's field is full of crops of corn

Other fields are full of bright golden wheat

On the farm piglets, lambs and calves are born

Crops will grow if they get water and heat

Sometimes farmers have horses on their farm

On the farm there might be a lot of mud

Machines on the farm can cause you some harm

JCB's and combines move with a thud

Lorries, Massey Fergussons and trailers

Quad bikes, slurry tankers and diggers too

Loud massive bales being made by balers

Being in the fresh air is good for you

Cows are my favourite farm animals

They are not as dangerous as the bulls


by Thomas


The Beach


Walking along the sand in my bare feet

The sound of the water swooshing around

Smells of barbecuing fresh yummy meat

People buying cold ice-creams with a pound

Searching for seashells beside the water

Little children are building sandcastles

Oh look there is a cute otter

Sitting on a rock flexing its muscles

Staying at the beach all day would be fun

Go swimming in the sea with my dog Kim

I would have a picnic and eat a bun

But I would share it with my brother Tim

I wish I could stay at the beach all day

So I can sunbathe and swim at the bay

by Sophie


My House and Garden


I live on a big hill called an incline.

At our gate is a monkey puzzle tree,

And behind our house is a wind turbine.

The lock on our door needs a massive key.

Next to our big house is a massive field.

It’s ever so long but not very wide.

We’ve got two boy goats to act as a shield,

So our hens are safe and don’t need to hide.

The fields around us are very smelly.

We live in a huge but wonderful house.

There are lots of great shows on the telly.

Recently I saw a small and white mouse.

We have a tiny, little, secret gate.

Our house lies near Bladnoch and it’s great.

by Eloise


My Dog

My dog Lola, she  is not shy at all

Lola and other dogs equal scary

She meets other quiet dogs and she goes high

Mum wishes she called her scary Mary

My dog, she is a really lazy dog

Although I’ve a cat she doesn’t bother

She went from a pup to a full grown dog

When I’m eating she will beg and hover

Although silly she’ll sense something’s not right

My dog is funny fabulous and four

She sometimes gets an awful fright at night

And she was born on a floor with a rug

Although I love her I like my cat more

Mum says I don’t care but I ignore.

by Zara


The Forest


The forest is a place to walk your dog.

I wish and wish there wasn’t pollution.

There is sometimes a very deep big bog.

It not the way to find a solution.

Trees give us air its unfair they’re chopped down.

The deer all get shot it will not help you.

It leaves me with a very big huge frown.

I am now feeling down and very blue.

I am sure the animals don’t like it.

The wildlife doesn’t get another thought.

Even all the ugly nits have to forfeit.

The fish along the river all get caught.

The green fern leaves sway in the morning air.

It’s just the reason people do not care.


By Edana



A Dog Called Ben


I have a dog and my dog's name is Ben

And he always likes to go to the fair

When no-one is looking he eats a pen

And he cuddles with a cosy warm bear

When he gets bored he goes and gets water

He always likes to eat lots of dairy

He goes outside - he sees a fat daughter

And she looks very tasty but wary

He has a sister her name is Mary

And she loves to stay in the dark attic

But she looks like a real lovely fairy

When it is windy her hair goes static

She sleeps on the owner’s great giant bed

But sometimes - well it looks like, she is dead!


by Ben





I love horses because they have cool brains

The worst part of it though is mucking out.

If you need to stop quickly pull the reins.

If you are taking a selfie you pout.

If you’re on a hack put a jacket on.

Do not feed your horses sour grapes today.

Never get your horses into a con.

Always have fun with your horses and play.

Give them some water they might be thirsty.

You must clean up all the skittery poop.

After that I made a friend called Kirsty.

And then when I get home I will have soup.

I really like horses they are so fun.

I hope they don’t get shot at by a gun.


by Jodie



My Pet called Max


My extreme pet called Max is very cool

I like to walk my extreme pet called Max

My pet called Max likes to swim in the pool

My fun pet called Max likes to play the sax

My pet called Max likes to play with a duck

My pet called Max likes to play with a mouse

My pet called Max likes to play with a buck

My pet called Max likes to play in the house

My pet called Max likes to play with a ball

My pet called Max likes to play with a swing

My pet called Max likes to play in the hall

Max likes to play with thin bands that go ping

My pet called max likes to play in a plane

Max loves to play with a big horse’s mane


by Pippa





My favourite sport is running it’s so good

I run a lot and I run in the park

After running a lot I need some food

I run in day light never in the dark

I love to run and run and run and run

I run with my wonderful friends and mate

But when I fall I get a sore, sore bum

I run everywhere I’m never late

I run in a duathlon with Molly

I know we can work together to win

When we are done we can get a lolly

I will throw my rubbish in the bin

I really love running so very much

I even know a runner who is Dutch


by Ellie



Super Swimming


Front crawl, back crawl and fly are hard but fun

Swimming and swimming to the metre flags

I sometimes think that coach looks like a nun

I read a lot of nice, cool swimming mags

Swimming in a swim lane, not into ropes,

Maybe I can finally win a race

Swimming all the strokes fills me with nice hopes

But I will do it at my own slow pace

This is just my life and I love it so

I can dive off a block and not drown…HA!

Don’t go in shallow end or stub your toe

Most people pay for my swimming, thanks ma!

Swimming is my hopes and dreams so SWIM ON!

Once I have swum I might eat a bon bon!!!


by Kirsty



My House 


I have got a really, really big house 

I have a really big fat stupid pug 

One day in my house there was a fat mouse 

One day I drank out of my farmer’s mug 

The numbers of gardens I have are three 

My cat once killed a really massive crow 

One day my puppy Surge ate a big bee 

I went to Canada to watch a show 

Gregor is coming to my house in June 

My bedroom is the biggest in Bladnoch 

Gregor and I are flying to the moon 

Nearby my house there is a big long loch 

Outside my house there is a big hot tub 

Nearby my house there is a little pub 


by Terry 





Amazing Wigtown is so fantastic

There is a place called the County Building

I get fun balloons made out of plastic

The county clock bell is always ringing

Go to the golf course it is titanic!

We never get any snow in Wigtown

The spitty drops of rain are gigantic

We are the awesome National Book Town

When it’s sunny you can go to the beach

And play all day with your friends - it is fun!

Going to school can make me want to screech

The person who takes me to school is mum

Sometimes I come with Erin and Bob’s mum

Sometimes we bring out our bikes - it is fun!


by Eboni





Lots of people play at Beddie Play Park

Scads is the biggest smallest store in town

At Beddie play park it gets really dark

There is a big scary pub called the Crown

Scads calls some people really silly names

We have fun water fights at the church hall

We play lots of really silly cool games

We play lots of games that include a ball

There are swings, a seesaw and climbing frame

Scads is the best sweet store in any town

I go to my friend’s house, Mark is his name

All the manky apple cores make me frown

I love living in Wigtown it’s the best

There are a lot of little cheeky pests





Motocross (and some other random stuff)


My sport is motocross; it’s very good

I like to take risks and ride all the time

My diet consists of natural food

(This sonnet is so very hard to rhyme)

Flying fearlessly through the air is best

Tackling corners, passing other people

When I move bikes I have to take a test

It's amusing to jump over steeples

I love to make the bike go sidey ways

Deep dangerous ruts are so very hard

I also love to surf on the big waves

(Did you know that Rabbie Burns was a bard?)

And when I win trophies I feel so proud

Riding motorbikes in front of a crowd


by Oliver





I love farming a lot in the summer

Tractors make me think what they are doing

Most farmers are like Dumb and Dumber

I drive the Case out in field cutting

If the junction's empty give her plenty

Most tractor drivers listen to a song

The best of the best tractor is Massey

When farmers spread slurry it is a pong

Hit the diff and pray she goes all the way

And flat to the mat with a party hat

But farmers do not get very good pay

At lunchtime the tractor drivers can chat

I drive a Massey every day and night

Once some bulls had a big aggressive fight


by Ross





You really like it when you start scoring.

Goal line technology has now been made.

It is more fun when the rain starts pouring.

Ronaldo is one of the highest paid.

Lionel Messi scores lots of great goals.

I’ve been to lots of good football matches.

At a football match you never find poles.

Goalkeepers make some brilliant catches.

Most footballers roll on the grassy ground.

I am in our fab primary school team.

Where rugby players really like to pound.

In the school there is a balancing beam.

I really like playing as a striker.

I wish I could be a paraglider.


by Ben 



 Horses on Holiday 


I like to ride in a big arena 

But it makes my pony very thirsty 

But he won’t drink my purple Ribena 

Suddenly a girl arrives called Kirsty 

My pony is away on holiday 

He is always so absolutely great 

He’s with Kirsty’s pony called Hollanday 

  The plane was leaving and they were so late 

But luckily he only just gets on 

The plane goes high and makes the ponies shy 

Then the ponies press a big red button 

They parachute - it makes them really fly! 

Then suddenly they land in front of me 

I get so scared I have to do a pee!  


by Finn  





I would work in a tractor every day 

If she is not red keep her in the shed! 

The boss doesn’t pay? Stick her in the clay! 

And the crone big x is not made of lead 

If the traffic is slow give her a tow 

When a Deere can not pull a Massey will! 

The tractor horse power can not be low 

The Case is built as if it was on pills 

Massey have reliable tractors now 

"Study!" the people said, "Silage!" I said! 

The amazing Masseys go boom boom pow 

The beast Massey is the nice colour red 

I drive the Massey every day and night  

A Deere sees a Massey and gets a fright! 


by Michael





Well, budgies can be hilarious birds

They are even funnier than parrots

Some cool types of birds can say funny words

I don’t know if any birds eat carrots

Lots of birds are noisy when they go twit

Birds like flying over some big brick walls

Gorgeous is how you describe a blue tit

Eagles fly like super, huge wrecking balls

Owls can come in lots of different breeds

There is tawny, snow, barn, brown and lots more

Most types of birds feed themselves on some seeds

My budgie’s favourite thing is to ignore

I really like birds as they are so good

Well, that is when they don’t spill all their food!


by Leah



The Football Game


One day I played a great game of football.

We all went to get our football kits on.

We all went down the very great long hall

When we went down the long hall we saw Don.

We finally got onto the big pitch.

The other team got to start with the ball.

The big man was playing bad and got ditched.

We found out later on his name was Nall.

A guy kicked the ball and off came their boot.

Then someone in our team scored a good goal.

The full time whistle made a big loud hoot.

When I came outside I fell in a hole.

I came back after football and sat down.

I got up and I went to get my gown.


by Jake





Beaches are so cool with lots of warm sand

Beaches are the best on a sunny day

I don't like rocky ones - they hurt your hand

Ponies like sandy beaches and some hay

You take off your shoes and run in circles

You can see there are boats sailing so free

If you are lucky you will see turtles

Beside the beach there is the great blue sea

Sand is usually yellow; sometimes grey

Did you know sand is lots of little rocks?

And that some people call a beach a bay

The picnic is stored safely in a box

In the picnic I hope there is a bun

When you’re at the beach you can just have fun


by Rory





I love my pony and she's called Apple

I love to ride my pony lots and lots

I once took my pony to the chapel

I put some pony feed into some pots

My cool pony is very, very fat

My pony’s favourite food is green grass

My pony eats more than a big fat cat

My pony has got lots and lots of mass

I went to fancy dress with my pony

My pony has a very nice mummy

I know a beautiful horse called Tony

Ponies think carrots are very yummy

My best friend has a little tiny foal

My best friend's foal tripped in a big, big hole





The Woods


In the woods the leaves crunch under my feet
When we go to the forest we climb trees
When it is sunny there is lots of heat
When it is summer there are lots of bees
I like to wander not stay on the track
There are lots of acorns in the forest
At night in the forest it turns pitch black
When the weather changes it’s sometimes mist
In the woods they sometimes chop down the trees
When we have a picnic it is yummy
We eat snacks in the woods and we say please
In our picnic we have things like honey
The forest is a good place to chill out
I really like the woods without a doubt


by Ella