Sonnets for the 21st Century - Kirkcowan Primary School

4 July 2016

Thanks to Kirkcowan Primary School for sending us these sonnets inspired by Shakespeare that they worked on together. 


The Beach


I see the palm trees swing forward and back

The deep blue sea has a wonderful flow

On the beach I like to play games with Jack

The sun beating down helps the sea to glow

I like to collect lots of pretty shells

Building big sandcastles is hard but fun

At noon the church nearby rings its loud bells

Wearing a hat protects me from the sun

Going for a swim when the sweat gets me

Fishing for crabs and exploring rock pools

Getting a cold ice cream fills me with glee

I get treated to a ride on a mule

Beach time is the best thing I like to do

I know if you went, you would like it too!


by Andrew



Farming life


In spring lambs are born one, two sometimes more,

I have a pet lamb it’s called Romeo,

I got to bring a lamb in our back door,

Romeo pooped on me, mum said, "Oh no!",

The big bulls in the field all stand around,

Looking for their next juicy piece of grass,

When I’m near them I do not make a sound,

My granny says I’m a helpful lass,

Driving my quad with the wind in my hair,

Down the bumpy road, up the muddy field,

Delivering the feeding everywhere,

Helping the family farm have good yield,

We sell big, fat, round, weird eggs my duck lays,

I want to be a farmer all my days.


by Amy






Aberdeen Angus cows are very strong

In the summer tractors pull ploughs through grass

Tractors can pull big trailers that are long

Reliable tractors are Ford and Class

You put a heat lamp over the pet lamb

In the winter you have to give sheep hay

Sheep have to stay with their lambs to keep calm

You have to put cows outside in the day

Lambing time is a busy time of year

Haylage is a grass that has been pickled

When you finish all your work have a beer

When you go in straw you will get tickled

Amazing sheep breeds are Suffolk and Lonk

The sound that a pig makes is an oink oink


by Harvey





I’m good at football, I play centre-mid

I like to play football, I watch it too

I have skills but so does another kid

In a football field, it is like a zoo

They kick it high it’s like planes in the sky

Put our boots on, as well as my shin-pads

Aim at the goal post and kick it up high

Wearing my strip makes me part of the lads

When I score a good goal I go crazy

Celebrating the goal with my team mates

Missing a penalty I go hazy

Letting all the fans in through the flood gates

I hope I can play football all my life

It will keep me out of trouble and strife


by Jake



I Can Hear


I hear the ocean any time I’m out

I hear timber men cutting down a tree

Next door I can hear my neighbour’s dog pout

And I can hear children shouting with glee

When I go past the school I hear kids shout

In the meadow I can hear bees buzzing

I always hear people walking about

Past the coffee shop - hear cola fizzing

At night I hear animals on the street

At the harbour I hear boats on the shore

On the street I can hear dogs eating meat

Past the houses I hear a shutting door

At 10 o clock I can hear our mums say,

"Bed time sweetie it has been a  long day."


by Sophie



Fun at the Beach


In the sunset I see a purple glow

The soft glistening sand is like sprinkles

The calm reassuring sea has a flow

I walk on something and my toe prickles

The soft foamy waves hits my bare ankle

I see the palm trees in the gentle breeze

I see my friends and get in a fankle

I can feel the cold wet shivery freeze

As I approach my friends I get a hug

Being comforted feels nice in their arm

And as we walk we see a small white pug

And the girl says it will do us no harm

And then we walk on to the best theme park

We have the best times of our lives 'til dark


by Jemma




Macaroni Cheese


My favourite is macaroni cheese

I would eat it eat it every day if I could

It would taste even better with some peas

When your finished do not burp it would be rude

Macaroni: yummy in my tummy

Pasta is cheesy, squidgy, delicious

Is there more macaroni cheese mummy?

If not I will scream and make a big fuss

Can I have macaroni for dinner?

Can you get the tomato sauce for me?

With macaroni I will be thinner

Will it stay my favourite meal? Wait and see

No one makes macaroni like my mum

It gives me a warm feeling when I’m glum


by Alex



My Life


I'm amazing at football in left back

As I slide tackle the opposition

I can give the ball a mighty big whack

But sometimes I can have a collision

And sometimes I trip over someone’s shoe

We go to MacDonald’s to celebrate

And on the way home we saw a fat coo

When I was going back home with my mate

I tie my football boots in a bit knot

I like riding my bike when it’s sunny

We keep all our winnings in a big pot

Sometimes when I tell a joke it’s funny

When I'm back from a match I lie in bed

But when I wake up I have bumped my head!


by Connor


Playing Outside


I go into the wood and have some fun.

I enjoy activities in the woods.

There are always places to go and run.

Me and all of my friends are all cool dudes.

I love the forest and so does my mate.

It is nearly summer I’m so happy

If I am having fun I come home late

When I go in I am a tired chappy

I sometimes see deer in the massive field

In the forest you're allowed to climb trees

Sometimes we have battles and use a shield

In the summer you can get a cool breeze

I am so happy it is summer now

I am so happy I can take a bow


by Finlay



Puppy Dogs and Dolphins


Puppies are cute and love to play with logs

In pods together dolphins are swimming

When puppies grow up they become fun dogs

Dolphins, they can be intimidating

Puppies are cute even when they're full size

Some poor dolphins live in captivity

My dog was born with brown puppy dog eyes

And some are trained to do activities

I adore my very cute Labrador

You get lots of different dolphin types

He is absolutely adorable

They hate swimming near rushing water pipes

My dog is eight years old and really cute

And some dolphins, they tend to play with newts


by Katie



Sonnet of the Forest


I walk into the forest and climb trees

The flowers are beautiful in spring time

It hurts when I get stung by hurtful bees

I always walk into the forest and climb

Even on a rainy-day I walk there

I eat lots of berries in the forest

In the forest I always see a mare

The berries I eat are the smallest

When it is dark in the forest I trip

I climb rocks and stones with fungi on it

I find some heavy sticks to hurt and whip

I eat fungi for my dinner that night

When tired I go back to my awesome home

And I fall asleep in my bed alone


by Jonty




The Lovely Forest


Out in the forest I have a hobby.

Everyone is free to climb in the trees.

Me and my friend play here he’s called Bobby.

Sadly with hay fever I always sneeze.

You find bushes and eat berries from them.

I usually go there on a Sunday.

I gather flowers, I pull out the stem.

Tomorrow is school again its Monday.

Summer holidays finished there’s no more.

At winter the forest is white with snow.

At school we play football I hope I score.

In the forest at night there is a glow.

I love the forest, so does everyone.

The forest’s a lovely place it’s so fun.


by Lennon



Football Sonnet


I like football and I play centre back

I am quite awesome at the hard long shots

I know that I have an amazing knack

I have to tie my football boots in knots

I gave that great ball a mighty big whack

In a game I tackle with my big foot

At the end of the game we have a snack

Football players have to give ball some boot

The referee might take the ball away

To win I need to give the ball big licks

Because a good player has hit the hay

Playing football is how I get my kicks

To play for Man City is my mission

Remember Scotland is my ambition!


by Zak



The Princess


The fairy princess looks like a small butterfly, a petit flower.

She glistens in the sunshine and floats like ballerina.

She looks magical with her sparkles and long golden hair.

She sounds like a quiet little mouse, a tinkle of a bell.

She feels like a light feather, a whisper in the wind.


by P1-3



The Horse


I heard neighing, clip clops, the click of the bridle and hard breathing.

It smells like sour, sweet hay.

It sounds like the gushing wind rushing past.

It can jump, run, gallop, skip, canter, trot and sprint.

It will sleep, lie down, eat grass, gulp at its water and roll in the golden dust.

It feels like soft fur, as soft as feathers, hard as tense muscles.

Its mane is wavy and floats in the wind.

It seems to love to jump, roll, gallop and most of all it loves to be free.


by P1-3



The Veloceraptor


It’s fast it’s fierce with big sharp teeth.

It hunts in packs, searching the land all around.

It looks like a machine with strong jaws and sharp, scary, pointy teeth.

It sounds like a piercing shriek followed by a slow breathy roar.

The sharp, jaggy claws leave large footprints as they tramp through the soil.

But then…….

The clicking of the picks and the shovelling of the trowels as the day comes to an end.

Studying and searching the crumbly soil for the giant, delicate bones.

The remains of this fierce, giant machine.


by P1-3



The Tiger


The tiger prowls like a fierce lion.

The tiger has black stripes that are as dark as the night sky, orange stripes that are as golden as the sun.

His eyes are big and wide open, as big as the clouds stretching across the sky.

His eyes are staring as he searches and prowls for his food.

His roar is loud and scary and it makes the ground shake and rumble.


by P1-3