Play along with the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

8 September 2022

Calling all fiddle players! Join members of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra in The Gardens for an informal session of music-making. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, a newcomer or an old hand with the bow. Come and play for the joy of it or listen.

If you'd like to play along (or even practice beforehand), download the sheet music below. 

003 Breakdown Reels

006 Favourite Highland Scottisches

014 Eightsome Reels Mrs Mc Leod

022 Irish Jigs Irish Washerwoman

056 Salute to the Cornkisters

035 Dashing White Sergeant

68 Teviot Bridge Jigs

153 Lamb Skinnet Jigs

093 Blackthorn Stick Jigs

259 Hundred Thousand Welcomes