Big DoG | Vivian French ~ Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden

25 April 2020



Come and meet Lottie Luna, the friendliest little werewolf in the forest! Games, stories, pictures, fun... and howling! Lottie has super-speed and super-strength, but she would prefer to be like everyone else. When someone keeps destroying the bloom garden at Lottie's school, its up to her to find out who. Ages 7+.

Learn how to draw Lottie for yourself here:
Lottie Step By Step

Write a story about why Lottie Luna always has a number 8 on her sweater.  Up to 500 words (with images if you'd like) and send them to [email protected]. The best story will get copies of Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden and Lottie Luna and the Twilight Party.

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