Two people standing facing each other talking, houses and trees behind them.

Scottish Book Festivals Network

In December 2020, Wigtown Festival Company reconvened the Scottish Book Festivals Network, intended to be a vehicle for providing knowledge sharing, networking, advocacy, collaborative working, as well as guidance on best practice across the spectrum of Scotland’s literary festivals.

The new network, which is initially funded by Creative Scotland, is intended to be a forum for the more than 60 festivals across Scotland, which represent huge variety in terms of scale, format and outlook – including large and small festivals, urban and rural festivals, island and multi-artform festivals, voluntary and community festivals, genre-specific and international festivals.  

The network will concentrate on sharing and establishing best practice and enabling informal exchange between members. It will also collectively advocate for the literary events sector, drawing attention to the cultural, economic, social and educational benefits delivered by festivals, and an impact study has recently been commissioned by the network to tell this story.

To find out more about Scotland's book festivals, and in particular how the sector has adapted in the era of Covid, read Lee Randall's report 'Exploring the Post-Pandemic Landscape of Scottish Literary Festivals: Where Do We Go From Here?'.

If you would like to find out more about the network, or sign up for a new Scottish Book Festivals Network eshot, please contact Kiera Brown - [email protected]