Doug Johnson: The Space Between Us

The interview began with an introduction to his book, we learned about the main human protagonists and their backgrounds, as well as our alien protagonists and where they came from. While the book is indeed science fiction, Doug told us about how he dedicated plenty of time to doing research on the area he was writing about and also where the alien is from. Throughout the interview, Doug was captivating and used his slightly morbid sense of humour to keep everyone engaged. The interviewer asked relevant and interesting questions that Doug answered brilliantly.

The way Doug described his book was done impeccably, you could tell just by listening to him that he really enjoyed writing the book and talking about it. Doug spoke about how he enjoyed writing Sci-Fi despite his typical genre being crime as it allowed him to critique modern society without doing so directly. Despite the bad weather the interview ran relatively smoothly, and Doug read a passage from his book, it was intriguing and beautifully written.

He also mentioned briefly that he had written a second book and that it would still follow the same protagonist, that would come out next March. This was Doug's first time in Wigtown and I sincerely hope that he comes back. The event overall was so much fun and very interesting. I cannot recommend it enough and hopefully will get a copy of his book myself.