Katty Baird: Meetings With Moths

Reviewed by A da Prato

This talk was straight to the point from the moment it started.

It was clear that Katty Baird was a captivating speaker as, despite the whirlwind gales outside of the tent, for not one moment did the audience let their attention slip from the wonderful world of moths.

Katty was friendly, energetic, and clearly very happy and enthusiastic about the topic of the talk. Her welcoming attitude to the world of Lepidoptera was reassuring and sprinkles of comedy throughout the session left the audience with big smiles and laughter all around.

Nearing the end of the event the audience was invited to ask questions and Katty’s willingness to answer questions such as “What is the tastiest caterpillar,” really expressed her love for moths and made the talk that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend this event to anyone who has an interest in entomology.