Judy Makes a Racquet at Wigtown Book Festival

By I Cathers

Wigtown was in awe as Scottish tennis coaching star Judy Murray made her second descent upon the annual book festival last Saturday. Throughout the book promo, Judy discussed her first-ever brand-new novel ‘The Wild Card’ which is set between the past and present of fictional professional tennis player Abigail Patterson who makes a groundbreaking return to the sport after pressing pause on her rising career to have her son.

There was never a point where the crowd or I lost a single shred of interest. She captivated her audience with her charismatic gift for speech on how she came to write her novel, stating that none other than Strictly Come Dancing’s judge, partner of Judy in 2014’s airing of the show, Anton du Beke suggested and inspired Murray through the release of his own book on the world of ballroom dancing.

Additionally, Judy explained that it was extremely important to display the perspective of women’s tennis as she feels that equality is the biggest problem for female players/coaches because there is not enough opportunities to help girls to succeed in fighting the male domination of tennis. As well as this, Judy mentioned how different journalists attempt getting under the skin of players to promote a reaction and the struggle of being a young individual who cannot tell if those, they surround themselves with are trying to take advantage of their youth when ascending to tennis stardom.

Even after talking on heavy topics, Judy Murray still managed to throw in exceptional jokes, keeping the crowd continuously bursting with hearty laughter that swept across her attentive audience. One thing for sure, I can confidently say that if Judy Murray was ever to appear sometime in the future, she would be more than welcome in the Book Festival of Wigtown again.