Malachi O’Doherty: How to fix Northern Ireland

Reviewed by A da Prato

As the event began, I was rather unsure of whether or not this would be something I would enjoy, however, fairly soon I found myself completely engrossed in the subject of How To Fix Northern Ireland.

Alongside a wide audience, I listened intently as Malachi O’Doherty expressed his opinions on the matter and shared an insightful view of Northern Irish politics.

The introduction to the talk was captivating and even referenced previous visits Malachi had made to Wigtown which I enjoyed and was sure the audience did too. The talk featured light comedy which was well received by the audience, and it was clear how passionate and educated he was on the subject.

Overall, this was a good talk, and it was clear that the audience enjoyed it, as did I. I would recommend this event to anyone with an interest in current politics.