Robin Leiper

Dumfries and Galloway Fresh Voice Award Winner

30 September 2023

Extract from winning collection


for Ewan Campbell FSA

Something is missing. You seek it like a ghost,

dream-haunted, questing to unearth a hidden hoard.

Dig deeper to discover nothing's ever lost.

There's something half-remembered, something tossed

aside for whatever bauble that you ran toward —

that thing is missing and you seek it like a ghost.

Those treasures stolen from you that you loved the most

and all you wish had been more faithfully stored —

dig deeper. Discover nothing. They seem forever lost.

The races that you won, the victories you boast —

how often and how fondly you recall each goal you scored…

but something's missing: you seek it like a ghost.

Heart hardening, eyes set upon the winning post

you strained to grasp the prize, forgot to look inward.

Dig deeper now. Discover nothing's ever lost.

Time passes, already all the stones you set are mossed.

Soon what remains will also lie beneath the sodden sward.

Something is missing. You still seek it like a ghost.

Dig deeper and discover nothing's ever lost.