Podcast Episode 42

Robert Shearman

7 March 2021

As an audio finale for Big Bang we present an interview with Robert Shearman, a man of many talents whose stellar writing career spans theatre, television, audio drama, novels and short fiction. We discuss Rob's forthcoming novel, a Doctor Who Target novelisation of 'Dalek', an episode, also written by Rob, that many Whovians will fondly remember from 2005.

We also talk about Rob's book We All Hear Stories in the Dark. A titanic triptych weighing in at three volumes and nearly 2,000 pages, it is a thing of intricate and labyrinthine beauty, a choose-your-own adventure which no two readers will ever encounter in the same way.

We reflect on how this epic act of love and grief came to be, the joys of reading, literary adaptation, fan culture, and the pleasures and pains of being a writer.