Episode 5: Nature writing in poetry and prose

Roseanne Watt and Stephen Rutt

25 May 2020

From the team behind Wigtown Book Festival, our podcast looks at the world of books from the distinctive perspective of Scotland’s National Book Town and the people who love it.

In this episode, presented by Peggy Hughes, we talk to poet and Wigtown Poetry Competition judge Roseanne Watt about what she's looking for in the year's submissions. She also reads from her debut collection, Moder Dy, and tells us about how it marked a returning to the Shetlandic dialect of her childhood. For more info on the prize head to the dedicated Wigtown Poetry Prize website.

We also feature birder and naturalist Stephen Rutt, as his award-winning The Seafarers comes out in paperback. He shares his passion for seabirds, and tells us a little about an exciting new project he's concocting with the festival.

Produced by Colin Fraser. Incidental music by Ragland.