Festival 2020 Day 5: Reading 'Pigeon' and 'Meditation While Plaiting My Hair' with Open Book

Marjorie Lotfi Gill and Claire Urquhart

28 September 2020

Claire Urquhart and Marjorie Lotfi Gill from shared reading charity Open Book present the first of two Wigtown Book Festival takeovers this week, focusing on authors who feature in our programme. In this special podcast version of one of their sessions, they read and discuss an excerpt from the essay 'Three Meditations on Absence in Nature and Life' by Chitra Ramaswamy and the poem 'Hinge' by Alycia Pirmohamed.

You can read along with each of the readings by having a look at their special Wigtown newsletter at bit.ly/WigtownOpenBook - and do come along to Chitra's digital event at 1530 on Thursday bit.ly/WigtownOpenCR or catch up with Alycia's event from Sunday 27th: bit.ly/WigtownOpenAP

Find out more about Open Book from their website: openbookreading.com