How to support us

WBF 2020 Online

2 September 2020

We’re very lucky at this time to have great supporters, public and private. But as a charity we very much need your support. In a normal year, more than half our event income comes from ticket sales. We’ve chosen not to charge for our digital festival this year as we want the widest possible audience. But we still need to cover our costs including fair pay for authors and technical crew. You can support us financially by:

  • Clicking on the website Donate button. If you are a UK tax payer you can Gift Aid your donation to make it go further. We need to raise at least £20,000 before and during the festival to offset our costs and we will be showing a running total on the front page of our website.

  • Buying books from our bookshop, online or in person. All profits support the festival and the margin for authors is usually greater than buying from online multinationals (no names!).
  • Buying one of our Book Bonds from our online bookshop and we’ll send you a curated selection of new and used books. Book bonds vary in price from £25 to £300 and it’s possible to choose specific areas of interest, such as crime and travel.

Every donation puts us in a better position to weather the challenges presented by Covid. We also recognise that so many people give their time or give in kind to help the festival. Thank you to everyone who supports us in whatever way.

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