If These Walls Could Talk

17 September 2018

Town Square

If a town could speak, what might it say? To celebrate Wigtown’s 20 years as a Book Town, Astrid Jaekel has been commissioned to turn building facades in the town square into giant canvases, enlisting the help of writer Jessica Fox.

Old Stories, rumours and myths about the Book Town and its surrounds will be brought to life in the visual form of outdoor wallpaper. Grab a map to guide you around this playful large-scale, installation and learn the history of the town, told from a bricks-and-mortar point of view.

Astrid Jaekel was Spring Fling Artist in Residence at the 2013 book festival, where she was responsible for the Windows of Wigtown project, which spectacularly filled the panes of the County Buildings with stories of local people. She currently teaches illustration at Edinburgh College of Art.