Explore the Map House

1 October 2019

The Map House is a new initiative for the festival – part venue and part exhibition space.

Visitors can pop in and see some fascinating installations.

On one wall there is a huge map of Dumfries and Galloway with lovely illustrations of birds and animals that have been created by Edinburgh artist Catriona Phillips.

Catriona’s pictures depict the creatures that feature in some of the region’s ancient place names – many of which are from forgotten tongues, so most of us have little idea of their meaning.

Poet Hugh McMillan has also created two installations, one of which is about a little-known but highly intriguing 18th century sect called the Buchanites.

They were led by the charismatic Elspeth Buchan who was identified as a character from the Book of Revelation.

One story has it that an ardent follower wanted to be buried on top of her. He was sure that she would be plucked from the grave by God, and this would mean that he could hitch a lift to heaven.

The Map House is hosting all sorts of activities, and this Friday and Saturday there will be music, language, and talks about Galloway's Gaelic heritage as part of our Gaelic days.