Come to the Time Machine

1 October 2013
Wigtown 2113: Come build the future
Come to THE TIME MACHINE, on the top floor of the County Buildings, and help us to build our model of the future. 
We’ll be asking many questions about the future. What will rural communities look like 100 years from now? Will there by super-connected train systems connecting people and resources seamlessly? Will all tractors and farm vehicles drive themselves? Will vertical farms transform our food production?  Will cows still be milked udder by udder, or will a new breed of bovine altogether transform how we consume milk? Or will we even consume milk – or beer, for that matter? 
We welcome everyone to provide thoughts on what the town will look like, what it should look like, and what we hope and fear most in its regard. Please email [email protected] with responses to the following question:
What is the single biggest change Wigtown will experience by the year 2113? 
Aslo, we have postcards in the festival programs and dotted around town, on which you can answer questions about Wigtown’s future. Please return them to the Box Office or to the Future Box in the Time Machine itself, and we’ll take all of your thoughts under consideration as we build our future.
And finally, we invite you up to the Time Machine to help us make a physical model of what Wigtown will look like in 100 years. By the end of this year’s festival, we shall have a fulsome model of the festival community’s collective vision of Wigtown 2113. 
H.G. Wells may have seen our future in lobotomized tones, but plenty of futurists see hope in technology, and in mankind itself. What does the future hold? You decide!