5 Questions with Lynn Hill

14 September 2015

1. What are you looking most forward to at this year’s festival?

I'm really looking forward to visiting all the bookshops in the area and joining in some of the celebrations. If a book shop has a cafe I could be there for some time, searching the bookshelves for new cookery books and any Vintage books that I can find.


2. You created a sort of ‘cake cult’ if you will, where members would meet at secret locations to talk about cake. Now that the secret’s out, what’s next for The Clandestine Cake Club? 

We still maintain the Clandestine feel about CCC by only revealing the location to those who book a place. And with the new website just launched, people can share their recipes, chat about their next event and theme and what cake they are thinking of making. CCC will continue to grow, with new friendships being made everyday. I've yet to find someone who doesn't like cake, whether baking one or eating one. Everyone loves cake.


3. What do you think it is about baking and baking cakes in particular that people seem to love so much?

Baking can be relaxing and therapeutic for many people. Like any hobby, baking is said to help people with depression. As you concentrate on measuring ingredients, it distracts you from your daily troubles for a few hours. When you see and taste the end result, that only you have made, it makes you feel good about yourself. The cherry on the top fuzzy feeling comes when people complement you on your cake. You can see why people just love baking. As for the whole cake rule. Interaction and conversation begin when you cut the first slice.


4. If you could choose to be a literary figure, who would it be and why?

Prue Leith. I've just read her book 'Relish' and found it one of the easiest, interesting, fascinating books to read. Very well written. I didn't want the book to end.


5. If you were stranded on an island and allowed to bring only one novel and one cake, what would your book/cake be? 

If I was going to be stranded for a considerable length of time, I'd probably want to bring with me Prue Leith's new trilogy of books, along with some Tea loaves made using Yorkshire Tea, because they keep well and would remind me of home - Yorkshire.


Tickets are still available to Lynn Hill's 'The Clandestine Cake Club: A Year of Cake' at 12pm on Saturday 3rd October. To book, please call the box office on 01988 403222. Tickets £7.