5 Questions with Helen Ryman

11 August 2014

Tell us about your connection to Wigtown and the Book Festival
I have pretty much always lived in and around the Wigtown area, and spent my primary school years in Wigtown Primary School. I live only a stones throw away from Wigtown now, and get to witness the transformation from the sleepy wee town pre- festival, to the buzzing and exciting town it successfully transforms into for the 10 days of the festival. 

Sum up your festival experience in 5 words
Vibrant - cultured - exciting - happy - proud


What's your favourite festival memory?

One of my fondest memories of the book festival was during last years festival. Blythe Duff ( ' Taggart ' , and more recently ' Ciara ')  popped into the Kist marquee for a browse. Everyone was on their best behaviour and slightly start struck as she came round to visit us all. She then left the marquee, and as she did a chorus of voices chirped up, simultaneously,  whispering " There's been a murder..... "


Who would be your dream author to appear at the Festival?

My dream author, unfortunately, has passed, but it would have been Frank McCourt, who wrote Angela’s Ashes. I love his writing style and how I was made to think about wee Frances, even whilst I was working elsewhere and not actually reading the book. Harrowing and heartwarming all in one book.

Give our visitors one recommendation or top tip for Wigtown, the Festival or D&G
Lots of top tips should be given to visitors attending the Book Festival, but if I was allowed to give just one bit of advice it would be to visit us in The Kist Marquee. Pop in and say 'Hello' ... you'll be made very welcome!

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