5 Questions with Galloway Chillies

4 August 2014

Tell us about your connection to Wigtown and the Book Festival

I'm a local lass but left the area before Wigtown officially became Scotland's Book Town. Returning five years ago it is wonderful to see how Wigtown has changed but still has that lovely friendly welcoming feel to it. 


Sum up your festival experience in 5 words

Non-stop fun over ten days.


What's your favourite festival memory?

It would have to be the 2013 festival which is the first time I was part of it through having a stall in the Kist. It was hard work but just so enjoyable. I got the chance to meet so many lovely people throughout that time and was also lucky enough to sneak away for short breaks and attend four talks.


Who would be your dream author to appear at the Festival?

Just one? But oh so many to choose from. Hmmm I think it would have to be Terry Pratchett. I am a massive fan of his and think I must have read every book he has written and actually also own the majority of them too.


Give our visitors one recommendation or top tip for Wigtown, the Festival or D&G

It would be impossible to give just one recommendation as there is just so much to do. But I would say never let the weather put you off. Come rain or shine there is always lots to do in this region.


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