5 Questions with Carole Green

20 August 2014

Tell us about your connection to Wigtown and the Book Festival
We have had agents, authors and journalists  to stay in our spare room.  I help doing the mail shot both sticking envelopes and filling them with the brochures.  I have worked in the office selling tickets and answering telephones before and during the event.  For the past two years I have managed the Kist on a daily basis throughout the festival.  Last year I was interviewed on Landward as a volunteer.  When needed I have taken tickets or acted as event manager.


Sum up your festival experience in 5 words

Friendly, community-minded, educational, busy


What's your favourite festival memory?

So many - but seeing well known authors out and about during the festival does make it special.


Who would be your dream author to appear at the Festival? 

Tristan Gooley who wrote 'The Natural Explorer' - how to 'unlock the landscape around you' especially as D&G has all aspects of landscape - coast, land, sky, plants and animals and micro-climate.


Give us one recommendation for the book festival

Keep encouraging volunteering