Summer 2019

A Day of Curiosity
8 June 

A Day of Curiosity

Saturday, 8 June 2019
The Print Room, Wigtown

For its 20th anniversary, the University of Glasgow has teamed up with Wigtown Festival Company for a Day of Curiosity, in partnership with A Year of Conversation.

Taking place at the Print Room in Wigtown on Saturday 8th June, the Day of Curiosity promises to provide an opportunity to listen and take part in discussions about a wide range of topics from resilience and medicalisation to the secrets and stories of rivers and what it was like to be a cow in early modern Britain! What do you want to know?

Will the next world war be over water?

What's inside your mobile phone?

What happens in a death cafe?

What does it mean to live to 100?

What happens to our brain when we learn a new language?

How do you read” a beach?

Full programme will appear here shortly.