2020 Festival exhibitions

As ever, art is a key part of the festival.

We’re delighted that former artist-in-residence Astrid Jaekel is showing a retrospective of her work, which includes wall-papering many of the buildings of Wigtown to mark the festival’s 20th anniversary.

Poet Ken Cockburn teams up with artist and printmaker Lisa Hooper for an exhibition celebrating birds and words, which builds on Ken’s writing residency during the 2018 festival.

Photographers Colin Tennant and Saskia Coulson are showing their hugely evocative portraits of the Solway’s remaining fishing fleets at work, as part of our Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters celebrations. 

For the first time, the festival will have a sound artist. The brains behind the cult Dark Outside music festival, Stuart McLean (aka French Bloke) will be recording sounds of Scotland’s National Book Town in an attempt to bring it alive in your living room. You will be able to hear them on our nightly podcast during the festival, and via social media.

Shoo Rayner and Hugh MacMillan's online exhibition Galloway to the World is still 'open', too.