"I have always wanted to publish a selection of poems with the punning title 'Below the Graft'.  Poetry is born of the wild rott-stock below the grafted bud.  It is the product of labour."


Rosemary has been a lifelong poet, making contributions to G S Fraser's poetry workshops in Leicester and later to the Markings magazine in Kirkcudbright, as well as performing her work at The Bakehouse in Gatehouse of Fleet.  Her poetry has always benefitted from her sharp eye for everything from fine detail to grand design.


A selection of over 130 poems written by Rosemary Baker.  This is the first of an occasional series of publications sponsored by the Association of Wigtown Booksellers.  It marks their appreciation of the time and work Rosemary, with others, gave to bring Wigtown the title of Scotland's National Book Town.  Also supported by the Unit 3 Poetry Group of Wigtown.