Wigtown Festival Company


Literary Arts Animateur: Nithsdale


Wigtown Festival Company is looking to commission a Literary Arts Animateur, resident in Dumfries and Galloway, to support the implementation of Wigtown Festival Company’s new Literature Development plan for writers. You will: help improve Nithsdale and regional networks connecting artists and writers; support the creation of high quality text-based work; and sustain and nurture local individuals, groups and organisations that promote and demonstrate engagement with literary activities.


You will do this by building on your current writing networks, practice and activities. You will be:

  • working as part of a team, led by the Portfolio Manager for Literature Development, to identify local need, build local partnerships and run at least 4  literary activities in your geographic area;
  • communicating with the area arts hub conveners about local literary development needs and priorities;
  • providing regular news and information for the literature development website and associated social media; 
  • supporting local authors to hold book launches;
  • identifying local, sustainable and good value IT facilities and expertise to pilot the live streaming of literary events across the region from their area;
  • creating local networking events, including opportunities to watch live streamed literature events from other areas;
  • supporting activities that promote the Scots language and Gaelic in your area;
  • attending the region’s literature forum meetings to network and provide information about area activities.


Timeframe: 1st July 2015 to 30th March 2016


Criteria for appointing Literary Arts Animateur

Applicants must have:

·         experience of key role(s) in running a writing group in their area of Dumfries and Galloway;

·         knowledge of and links with local organisations (including libraries) offering venues suitable for literary events;

·         expertise in organising local and national public events for readers and writers in Dumfries and Galloway;

·         good communication skills, including IT and social media;

·         a publishing track record as a writer, publisher or editor;

·         knowledge of the local and national bodies that support writers and readers.


Fee: £750 (inc. VAT). There is no additional travel or expense budget, except those associated with attending specified meetings as the WFC representative e.g. the Regional Literature Forum.


Application by e-mail with relevant curriculum vitae by 5.00pm 22nd June to:

Anne Barclay, Operational Director, anne@wigtownbookfestival.com

Telephone: 01988 402036 


The successful applicants will be informed by Friday 26th June.