Welcome. This year we take inspiration from island life. We’ll set sail for the Hebrides, search for Utopia and consider the nation’s relationship with Europe.


Shipwrecked with Crusoe, we’ll find solace in the Icelandic sagas and toast our rescuers with Islay malts. For what is a festival if not a kind of island, separate from the world but open to it, a place of arrivals, departures and, above all, exchange.


As ever we wish to offer huge thanks to all our supporters, in particular our new headline sponsor, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and to our amazing volunteers. Who better to be marooned with on an island?


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Friday 23rd September 2016
Saturday 24th September 2016
Sunday 25th September 2016
Monday 26th September 2016
Tuesday 27th September 2016
Wednesday 28th September 2016
Thursday 29th September 2016
Friday 30th September 2016
Saturday 1st October 2016
Sunday 2nd October 2016